Playing a musical instrument- the piano

It is really a wonderful hobby to play any musical instrument. Playing Piano has been my favorite pastime and hobby since childhood which I enjoy doing even now after so many years. Playing a musical instrument is the best way to cheer up during the times when we feel low and down and also good to relax one’s self in a calm and peaceful way. I had a lovely piano in the house when I was a child and remember taking up piano classes every week. But later as I grew up I had to leave my favorite piano behind to concentrate in studies.

Playing Piano is the one thing I always missed a lot and later spent my savings to gift myself an electric piano for one of my birthdays. I remember ordering the expensive electric piano from a shop that is far away from my house and faced some difficulty in bringing it all the way from the music store to my home. I feel happy to have bought my favorite musical instrument as it enabled me to pursue my favorite hobby once again after a long time. I played the piano whenever I wanted to and used headphones when playing them so that the others at home don’t get disturbed when I play during the odd hours. It was actually a fun way to take a break from the serious study hours and play the piano energetically to refresh your mind. Playing the piano during the leisure times really helped to ease up the mental frustration and the soothing music always calmed down my nerves during hard times. Playing the music which I learnt from the old piano that I had back home really helped me to feel better at times when I was sick mentally or physically.

Unfortunately I had to again forget my piano as I went abroad though lots and lots of classical music have always been my companion as I listen to them regularly. The classical compositions of Chopin and Beethoven have been my favorites of all time and I am always taken back to my nostalgic moments whenever I listen to the tunes that I will be able to play on the piano. Playing a musical instrument often involves one’s emotions and hence anyone can easily get attached to their favorite musical instrument. Hence everyone must learn to play any kind of musical instrument which is very rewarding emotionally.

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